Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Perfect Couple... How?

Do looks make them a perfect couple? Anyone that looks at a picture of them from an ad will immediately see that Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan are incredibly beautiful people.  But I think that any perfect couple has to go deeper than being beautiful, although it doesn’t hurt the situation from a viewer’s standpoint.  I developed my first real celebrity crush this year after watching Alias.  Michael Vartan is gorgeous!  There is no doubting that fact.  And I can bet that any man would tell you that Jennifer Garner would fit in the same boat, especially with some of her costumes.   Their beauty is an aspect of making them the perfect couple to aspire to be more like.  But I think that personality is a huge part of it as well.  From what I read, Jennifer and Michael were great to work with.  I believe that one article said that anyone would be hard pressed not to get along with Jennifer.  And after watching interviews with Michael I would guess at the same thing.  Considering they ended up dating during the series run didn’t hurt their chemistry.

But I think that the genius of the perfect couple would have to go to JJ Abrams, because without him and some other writers none of their chemistry would exist in the first place.  Although it seems as though JJ may have left the show in the capable hands of his show writers the relationship factor stayed consistent, for the most part, throughout the series.  I will state right up front that I do not like what ABC did to the series during season 4.  So I think that there are a few episodes that are heavily lacking in chemistry, but it could also be due to the fact that Jennifer and Michael had just spilt during that time as well.  But Season 4 worked itself out and some of my favorite moments happened in Season 4.  I think I could curse at Michael Vartan and at JJ Abrams for the whole Season 5 debacle. Michael having requested, then rescinded his request of being written off, and JJ deciding that it would make for a good story, when they wrote Vaughn out of part of it. But when I took the time to fully watch every moment and not be angry at missing Vaughn, I saw how wonderful the relationship was. But I’ll go into more detail on those exact moments later.    But when you think about it, in the span of 5 seasons they formed the perfect couple.  They stand the test of time and people ten years later will still tell you that they are the perfect couple.  The amazing part is that they did not even have their first kiss until after the halfway point of season 2.  They couldn’t be together for season 3, they rebuilt their relationship in season 4 and were torn apart for essentially 12 of the 17 episodes. (Although the torture/dream episode was a reprieve for me)  I think that is what makes the relationship so magical.  They can / have endured everything including the death of both of them. (The one aspect of Science Fiction that I didn’t mind by the time season 5 rolled around)  

As I think about how I want to put into perspective why I think they are the perfect couple, the only way I could think of would be to dig in deep into each and every episode and analyze each one.  So from here I will detail the relationship by episode, although I may take a break here and there to add in my own commentary about something that I noticed overall, or wish would have happened;  just my little tidbits. Plus this gives me a good excuse to watch the series over again. This will make it my 5th continuous marathon in just over two months.  I just can’t get enough.   Also just to note, although I may be writing this as an analysis of the relationship, I will add other parts of the episode that I think are relevant to either Sydney or Vaughn’s life overall, or to the overall story of the two of them.   


  1. Hi! I'm a huge Sydney/Vaughn fan and I just wanted to let you know that I'm loving reading your recaps and thoughts on their relationship. Keep it up! :)

    1. I am glad that you enjoy them. I wasn't even sure if anyone was reading them, but it's good to know someone out there is. I've fallen a little behind due to a vacation last week. But I should get back going this week.