Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thank You For Five Incredible Years

Ten years ago tonight, Alias said it's final goodbyes. And it's days like to day that I wish I had watched Alias while it was on the air. If I had been a fan at that time, I most likely would be bawling my eyes out and wishing for more. But as a current fan, who is still in love with the show 3 years after my first viewing, am ready to celebrate the ten year anniversary of that final moment. Watching Sydney, Vaughn, Isabelle, Jack, and Dixon walk down to beach to watch the sun set, was the perfect ending. Sydney and Vaughn have finally found their happily ever after. I am so happy for them, with all the obstacles life threw their direction, that they were able to find some semblance of a normal life. Or as close to normal as was possible for them.


I will go over more in detail when I get to this episode, (yes I am still working on it) but in this episode Sydney had to watch, and ultimately leave, as Jack Bristow was bleeding out. As hard as it is to watch SpyDaddy injured to this extent, at least he went out in style, and making sure that Sloane would never be able to harm his family any longer. Back to my original train of thought, after having to leave her father behind, knowing that she most likely would never have a chance to see him again, Sydney has to go save the world, and the only way to succeed would be through her mother. I couldn't even imagine having to go through everything she had to in just this one episode. However, the cherry that tops this episode so perfectly is that we were able to take a view into some of the vital moments in Sydney's life, that led her to this place.

alias end.jpg
 There are some truly great moments from this episode, and I can't wait until I get back in gear and work on this blog a little more faithfully.