Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday - Michael Vartan & Michael Vaughn

Before the day was over I thought that I should recognize today in general since today is Vaughn’s birthday as well as Michael Vartan.  I don’t plan on making this a long post; however I thought that I could do a small post commemorating what we love best about Michael Vaughn, then also what we love about Michael Vartan.

Michael Vaughn –November 27th, 1971 ---  Born in Fleury, Normandy, France 
Birth name – Andre Michaux

Over the last few months of putting together this blog, I have become attached to these characters.  But I have to say that even though I may focus on the Sydney / Vaughn dynamic of the show.  Vaughn is definitely my favorite character.  I shouldn’t play favorites, but I do.  While the show focuses on Sydney, and I do love Sydney, but I tend to wonder more about Vaughn and what drives and motivates him.  But if you have read much of this blog, you will have probably noticed how much I favor Vaughn anyway.  

One thing about Vaughn is that he is fiercely loyal to those that he loves.  He loves Sydney more than anything in the world.  He shows this love towards her even while he is married to Lauren.  He was willing to die to make sure that Sydney stayed safe herself.  He did love Lauren, but upon finding out what she did to him, and Sydney he doesn’t immediately hate her, but as he sees how far her deception penetrated is when he reached his breaking point.  While it took some time, he was able to let Sydney help him recover.  While Vaughn is lethal, you would not want to end up on his crap list, just ask Sark, he is the type of man that you want loving you. He loves unconditionally and is willing to do anything for the person (Sydney) that he loves. There are no limits to what he is willing to do to protect Sydney, even having to go into hiding and pretend he is dead to protect his future family and Sydney from the most dangerous terrorists that the LA branch of the CIA has seen.  I only wish that they had focused on his story more often.

Michael Vartan – November 27th, 1968
Born in Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, France

As a reference point, I have been married for almost 12 years now, and I had never had a celebrity crush, I never saw a reason for it.  In fact, I would laugh behind closed doors at my friends who had their favorite celebrity that they obsessed about.  Once I saw Alias and really discovered Michael Vartan I finally understood what it is like, and I finally understand my friends with celebrity crushes.   My husband is fully aware, that  I have a full blown crush on Michael Vartan. Luckily we are secure enough in our marriage that we just laugh about it. I have even gone as far to search up and down to see any movie he has ever been in, or any TV show. There are a few that I have yet to see, but I have seen most of his work now.  But if anyone out there knows how to view the ABC series Big Shots from 2007, please let me know, I have searched everywhere and can't find anything except a copy on eBay for over $100, I do admire his work, but not that much. With watching some of his movies, as much as I hate to admit it, he has been in some really bad movies, see the Curve, One Hour Photo, or Sand for prime examples.  Also after watching Jolene, I truly hated him because his character was so believable.  I had to find my favorite Vaughn moments in Alias and watch those for a couple hours to get over what a horrible person his character was. Proving him to be a fantastic actor, in any role, not just the eye candy roles that I love to see him in. I often comment on how much I admire his ability to speak volumes with a facial expression, in this blog alone.  I am full on jealous of Lauren Skaar Vartan, to say the least.  If at any point I was near him, I would hope that I would keep my cool, but I could totally see myself pointing at him as Sydney did when introducing him to Francie.

One thing that really attracts me to Michael Vartan though is how down to earth he is.  I think that if I were to meet him in real life, he wouldn’t act like the stuck up all important actor that he could act like.  I’ve met many actors that are like that, and for some reason I can’t imagine him responding as some actors do around fans.  Also watching him in interviews, I love seeing him talk about his wife, Lauren.  You can see how much he really does love her.  That is one thing that is very attractive on any man.  Even if it makes them unattainable, seeing them show appropriate appreciation and affection towards their significant other is amazingly attractive.  
I am somewhat of a stalker, although I hate to admit it, and I try to pretend that I’m not.  So when I saw what I thought to be his wife not 10 feet away from me in Hollywood, I resisted approaching her, but I did respond to a tweet that she did, yes I follow her on twitter and I know it’s pathetic.  We tweeted with each other back and forth a little and based off of those conversations and her tweets, he is a lucky man as well.  She seems like she is perfect for him.  So I really am happy that he found someone that makes him happy. 
This is the selfie that she took of herself in Hollywood that confirmed that it was her that I saw a few feet away.  I would post the picture that I took of her, but while tweeting with her, she shared her distaste of how she looked in my pic, and I told her I would take it down and not post it anywhere.

Like I said, I wanted to keep this short.  So with that I say Happy Birthday to the character of Michael Vaughn, but more importantly to the man who portrayed him, Michael Vartan! Also as a quick side note, I don't know of another actor that ages so well.  Personally as far as I am concerned, he just keeps getting better with age.  Of course he looked amazing in Alias, but you have to admit, he got better looking as the series progressed.  Then if you look at him now, he's even more attractive.