Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's been a while I know...

I'm on my phone and it's 3:30 am so this will be a very short post. When I posted my last post back in January I had a lot of good intentions. I wanted to fix the videos that disappeared from the earlier posts on the blog, as well as some other things. Unfortunately as it often happens life gets in the way. 

I had some major personal issues come up, I may end up sharing them here at one point because it's a story I want to tell, but I'm not sure how or where to share it the best way for me to have it be therapeutic. I also found a new to me show. With what was going on in my life, finding this show was the best form of therapy I could've ever hoped for, without knowing it was a possibility. It's Veronica Mars. She became the hero that I needed in my life. Oddly enough I was able to get closer to overcoming my own obstacles by living vicariously through her. Plus the major relationship in the show actually rivals my love for Sydney & Vaughn. Syd and Vaughn will always be my number one choice when it comes to my favorite on screen couple, but Veronica Mars & Logan Echolls are a very close second. And I do mean very close. 

While I have been wrapped up in a new fandom, I've come to a few conclusions, 1) I have to recant my statement in an earlier post about despising fan fiction. It turns out that I am actually a huge fan and I'm actually thinking of writing my own. If I do it would be all about the missing two years. You know how obsessed I am over those years. Ionly  thought I hated fan fiction because I had only seen Sydney and Sark stories. But I end up reading a new fan fic every night from the Veronica Mars fandom and I'm now an addict. 2) I've thought about it a lot lately how I need to come back and work on this blog, but something hit me tonight and I realized how much I miss this blog and analyzing every move that Sydney and Vaughn make/made to become the perfect couple. 

So it may not be incredibly soon, but I've decided to put this blog back on my list of priorities. I know it made me happy, and I need to get back to the things that I enjoy after dealing with all of my personal crap. 

So hopeful I will be back soon to start right in on season four and see what the APO has in store for us.