Friday, July 12, 2013

S1 E18 – Masquerade

Sydney climbed to the top of Mt. Subasio, and saw the sky, and then called and turned herself in.  While she was there, Jack did an investigation of his own into her mother and found out that the CIA knew that she did not die in the accident, and that Sloane was part of the team that researched her death and realized that she was alive.

Sydney and Vaughn meet up at what appears to be an unusual time, because Vaughn is dressed awfully casually; jeans, white t-shirt, and a leather jacket.  She tells him about a memory that she has of her father taking care of her during a camping trip, but then goes on to tell him about how upset he got when she told him that she wanted to find her mother.  Vaughn tells her that he doesn’t exactly have a neutral point of view when it comes to her mother, and that her dad may have a point.  She requests him to get any information that the CIA has on her mother.  Vaughn tells her that she is unable to do it, because it’s all been classified.  He tells her that he knows she wants help, but he is unable to provide it this time.   He is a bit conflicted here, he always wants to help her, but he knows he can’t do anything here, and since it has to do with the person that killed his father, and he doesn’t want that person found.  I can’t imagine the strain that knowing that her mother killed his father must put on him, as well as the guilt Sydney must feel.

While on her mission in Vienna, the contact that they are supposed to meet up with turns out to be an old boyfriend of Sydney’s from five years ago, Noah Hicks.  I should probably tell you know that I am not a fan of this episode, but I know that it is needed, so I will stay brief.  I do like however that Dixon tells her to use caution with him.

When Sydney and Vaughn meet for her debrief, they have the usual small talk about the mission, but then he asks about Noah Hicks stating that she mentioned him in her initial report to the CIA.  She told him that they met while she was in training.  She hesitates for a moment and then tells Vaughn that they used to date.  Vaughn didn’t look too happy to hear that news.  She went on to tell him that they kept it under wraps since SD-6 didn’t allow dating in the workplace.  He smiles a little when he tells her that the CIA isn’t overly fond of it either. 

Okay, so I guess since it does move Sydney to the spot that she needs to be at for Vaughn, I guess I do have to go into this next part, but please know now that I’m not a fan of the following scene.  Sydney and Noah went on a mission together, during the mission Sydney got into a little trouble and her mask broke in a room that if your skin is exposed to, would freeze you immediately.  Noah saved her and they went to the safe house.  She was still freezing after the mission, but they couldn’t generate any heat, they didn’t want anyone to find their heat signature with the thermal satellites.  So he gives her his jacket, they chat a little including telling him about her mother and how heartbroken she was after he left.  She walks over to him and he goes to kiss her, she isn’t sure if she is ready, but finally allows it, and then one thing leads to another, and Sydney is officially ready to move on from Danny.

Even though I don’t like Noah, he did have a really great line that I have to share.  “You were the last person that I ever wanted to see again, and you were the only person that I ever wanted to see again.”  I like that line because I think it resonates so accurately with any broken relationship.  

  • Items that I found noteworthy… 
    • Jack gets very upset at the idea of Sydney wanting to find her mother. 
    • When Vaughn is unable to get her the information she wants, she turns to Sloane and tells him that SD-6 puts her at risk every week, it’s time for SD-6 to risk something for her.  Later Sloane tells her that Khasinau was her mother’s superior. 
    •  It has been six months since she found out the truth about SD-6 and went to the CIA, so she has known Vaughn for 6 months, and it has been approximately 9 months since Danny died. 
    • Francie finds a plane ticket to Italy in Sydney’s jacket, Sydney had told her and Will that she was going to San Francisco last week.  They wonder why she wouldn’t have told them about a trip to Italy. 
    • Sydney reports Jack erratic behavior to Devlin who mandates that he sees Dr. Barnett, she sees thru his façade and doesn’t accept his answers, so she says that they will meet every week.


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