Monday, July 22, 2013

A Side Trip - No Episode Breakdown

A little about me, beside being completely obsessed with the Sydney and Vaughn aspect of Alias and Alias in general.  I am also a huge fan of Psych.  I imagine that if I had watched Alias while it was on the air, I would have a similar obsession, but since Alias only caught my attention 3 months ago, my true TV fandom goes to Psych.  I am a true Psych-O.
So when I heard about an event for Psych taking place in San Diego the night before Comic Con and you didn't need a Comic Con badge to attend I immediately started plotting ways for me to get there.  Now keep in mind that I do live in Utah, so automatically that's a 14 hour drive if driving.  I do work for an airline, so I could fly standby, but with Comic Con, I knew that getting on a flight would be hard.  So I knew I would drive.
Step one down, next I had to convince my husband to either come with me and hire a baby sitter for a few days.  (I have three young girls) Or for him to agree that I should go with a friend or alone.  He chose the cheaper of the two options.  I knew that I wanted to leave a day early, and I said that I wanted to only go as far as LA the first day and then go on to San Diego the next day.  I didn't tell him that I wanted to scope out some of the Alias locations.

Anyway... While working I have a lot of free time and I searched out the addresses of some of the locations that I wanted to visit.  But I knew that I would be lucky to have an afternoon worth of time, as well as wanting to go to a few other places.  So I didn't make it everywhere I wanted to go, but I made it a few places.  Some of the places I looked up were Union Station, I wanted to see where Sydney and Vaughn danced in Tuesday and also where Vaughn told Sydney that he would go with her to find Will in  Almost Thirty Years.  That was a big one for me.  I also love going to the Observatory, so the spot where Vaughn tells Sydney that he wasn't clear that it would be nice to be able to be seen in public with her would be nice during The Coup I thought would be good.  I wanted to go to the subway station where the APO entrance was, and I also wanted to go to the pier where they have the conversation in A Broken Heart.  But my big one, was that I had found Michael Vartan's address, now I'm not sure if it is a current address, or an old one.  But I still wanted to see it, and it was the top LA destination for me.  I even booked my hotel off of how easy it would be to access his house, as well as the overall price.

So I got there and I should've planned better, but I just wasn't able to take the time to map everything out the way I should've, so I didn't make it everywhere. But I was able to make it to a few locations, and snap a few pictures.  So I thought I would share them here.

Like I mentioned seeing Michael Vartan's home was top priority, and while driving up his street, I saw something being filmed, and the part of me that is also obsessed with behind the scenes stuff was dying to pull over and try to sneak in.  But I had a destination.  He lives/lived at the top of a street that is full of well hidden homes.  All of these homes seemed large and that the landscaping is set up for privacy.  Which knowing what I was doing, is probably a good thing.  So, it may not look like much, but these are the shots that I could get of his home, more like drive way, but what can I do.

Now logistically I should have gone and done my touristy stuff in Hollywood, but since it wasn't part of my Alias trip, I saved that until later even though I was only a couple of blocks away.  But I didn't, also the Observatory would've been a good choice as well, but I knew that I had some pictures at home from previous trips, plus it was just up the street form my hotel, so I was planning that trip for the morning before the place opened so I could get pictures without people in them,  So I was off to Union Station, I planned on getting on the metro there and going to the APO subway station in North Hollywood, but the price of parking stopped that trip very quickly.  But once I got into the passenger waiting area of the train station I wanted to stay forever, but once again the price of parking... So here is what I got.

This is one of my favorite Sydney and Vaughn moments from Season one.  Probably the number one spot, but I'm not sure. I will say that after my adventure in driving thru LA traffic, Vaughn couldn't have made it to all of those places.       Michael Vaughn: You told me a couple of months ago that when you feel the need to disappear, you go to the observatory. But the observatory was closed. And then I remembered you said the pier calms you down. But you weren't there. And you weren't at the bluffs and the palisades, either.  
I'm pretty positive that these are not the seats actually used, although they could've been I just didn't take the pic from the right angle.
The different angles of the bench where Sydney was sitting and waiting for Vaughn to come dance with her after APO had been under Quarantine and Marshall had to come save her after she was buried alive in Tuesday. The actual moment is below.

Like I mentioned I couldn't get to all the locations that I would've liked, but I did get up to the Observatory.  I couldn't remember exactly where they were standing, but I guessed pretty good.  In the clip, you can see the telescope, I took a picture of the scenery from next to the telescope, but I went further back to get the observatory in the shot with the fence.

Well hopefully you all enjoyed my little departure from my usual analysis of the episodes.

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