Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Overview Of My Thoughts On Season One

In any television show Season one has to be strong, otherwise it will never make it.  As I’ve mentioned before I have a lot of free time of sorts while working.  So I have watched a lot of TV and movies, more than I would actually like to admit, but out of all of the shows I have seen, Alias has one of the strongest first seasons out there.  You can see how well the show was planned out by JJ Abrams.  I think that is why he is so successful now; he knows the whole story and how to tell it to engage the viewers.  I was hooked on the show itself, before I was hooked on the romance between Sydney and Vaughn.  

But this Blog is about Sydney and Vaughn, and I will admit it has been harder than I initially thought it would be to write about how the relationship transforms.  When I began this project, I thought that I would be able to cover an episode in a few paragraphs.  But as I watched with a closer eye to details this time around I saw how much everything around them affected them.  But I think that it is a huge testament to how well the show is written and how perfect Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan are at playing these roles, as well as the directors.  They are able to convey so many emotions without saying a single word.  As I write each of these, and I say how much pain they are in, or something similar.  I know that these are just actors, playing a part, and they are probably thinking about their hurt dog or anything else that will put them in the mindset that they need to be in.  But the fact that even though they aren’t really thinking these things, but I can visualize it, shows me what a good job they are doing. 

Overall, Season one is fantastic, I love the building of the characters.  But when I go back and want to watch just a single episode I don’t turn to Season one, although some of the best episodes are in season one, I just want more tension between Sydney and Vaughn I guess.  Although, if I am looking on YouTube for my favorite moments in the series I do come to Season one; I love to see Sydney and Vaughn at the Pier, or at the train station.  

I regret not finding Alias when it was originally airing, although I’m not sure if I would’ve enjoyed it as much when I was just starting college and starting my family.  But I wish I could’ve talked about the show and the cliffhangers with friends.  Although after the final Sydney and Vaughn moments in Season one I was very happy that I only had to wait as long as it took me to change the episode on my Roku player for Netflix to see what happened.  And honestly, I was so obsessed at the time; I didn’t even realize it was the season finale until I heard a new opening for the second season.  So I guess it’s time to get back to that.

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