Thursday, July 11, 2013

S1 E15 – Page 47

While sympathizing with Francie over her breakup with Charlie, they both decide that it is time to remove their engagement rings.  Sydney admits that she should’ve taken hers off a long time ago.  This is a huge step for Sydney; she is finally starting to feel ready to move on from Danny.  She even told Will that she would go out with him to see a movie that weekend and they called it a date.  I know that we want to see Sydney with Vaughn, but from personal experience, you do not want to date the guy you really want after something as serious as Danny, you need a rebound guy or two. At least that’s how I see it.  SO now that she is ready to move on, we need her to casually date Will, a little, and have another type of relationship before she can be where she needs to be for Vaughn.

When Sydney and Vaughn meet to discuss her counter mission, he gives her the camera that she lost in the cave in Argentina.  She asked about the few pictures she was able to get before Anna attacked her and Vaughn went to describe them, but found it difficult, so instead he tells her about his aunt Trish who is into psychics and other fantastical things that are unreal.  He says that Rambaldi reminds him of his aunt Trish.  He then asks Sydney why Sloane has been spending more and more time at home, and she tells him about his wife Emily who is dying of cancer.  They talk about how close Emily and Sydney are, but Sydney explains that she hasn’t had much to do with her since she was diagnosed.  Vaughn tells her that it could be a great opportunity, if she was able to get an invite over to see Emily so she can plant a bug in Sloane’s office.  Sydney feels that it isn’t morally correct to use her friend like this, and they argue over the morality of it.  He finally tells her that this may be her last chance to do something good, even if she doesn’t know about it. In the end Sydeny does end up making the call to Emily.

After Will meets with the man in prison about SD-6, he is taken hostage by men in masks and taken to a remote location.  While there he is beaten up and a recording of him at the prison is played back.  He is told that the deaths of Danny, Eloise, etc, were all a matter of them knowing too much.  He is then asked if he wants it to end there or continue, after which Will is shown pictures of his sister, parents, and Sydney along with being told their addresses.  Once he sees Sydney’s picture, he tells them that he understands and that he will end the investigation.  They knock him out and leave him in the warehouse.  

While at home, Sydney receives a call from Emily asking her to dinner and to bring a friend with her.  She meets up with Vaughn and tells him about it.  She tells him that she didn’t accept the invitation at first, but since Emily wanted her to come and Vaughn wanted her to do it she agreed.  He gives her a paper clip that is really a bug and he asks her to place it in his office if possible.  Especially now that SD-6 has the Rambaldi book, he goes on to tell her that all of her new pictures turned out, but there was one blank page, page 47.  They are coming up with a way to access it, and they will let her know when they do.   My favorite part of this scene is when Vaughn said, “You said Emily invited you and a friend, you taking anyone?”  You could see the smirk on his face, he so wanted to be that friend, even though he knew that he couldn’t be.  But she does call and invite Will to be her guest at the dinner.

While Sydney is getting dressed, Francie answers the call form Joey’s pizza, so she has to make an excuse to get out of the house earlier than expected.  She goes to meet Vaughn and finds that her father is there as well.  She finds out that Sloane brought the Rambaldi book home so that he could show it to Sydney.  While jack is explaining this to Sydney, Vaughn is eyeing Sydney up and down; he can’t take his eyes off of her.  Sydney does realize that they are asking her to make the switch on page 47 while she is in Sloane’s home since it will be moved to Munich over the weekend.  She is wondering why they don’t think that it’s a little risky to do this at his home without back up, then she finds out that her father was also invited to the dinner.  When she tells them that she isn’t sure about the plan since it puts her and her father at risk and also Will since she was told to bring a friend; both Jack and Vaughn do a double take.  Jack doesn’t want Will there since Sloane wants him eliminated for his research into SD-6.  Vaughn on the other hand, is just plan a little jealous.  Jack leaves, and Vaughn tells her that if she feels she can make the switch than to do it, if not don’t.  Then he says, so you’re taking Will?  You can see the devastation in his face as it falls.  Then he looks up at her and tells her how pretty she looks.  I feel so bad so Vaughn at this point.  He has really fallen hard for her, and he knows that there is nothing he can do about it.  But Sydney grins from ear to ear when Vaughn tells her how pretty she is.  I think she is also falling, but not quite to the same extent.

During dinner at Sloane’s house, Sydney gets a phone call, it’s Vaughn, he answers by saying “it’s Francie.”  She excuses herself from the table telling them that it’s Francie, but my absolute favorite moment and I wish I could’ve seen Vaughn’s face during this moment, but she says, “hey sweetie.”   I know it’s not much and she is pretending that she is talking to Francie.  But I have to wonder if subconsciously she said that because she wanted it to be true.  Does she want to be able to call Vaughn sweetie?  Also I can just imagine the grin that Vaughn had, even if he knew she was pretending, for her to call him sweetie, he would’ve had one of his priceless grins, I can almost guarantee it.

While Vaughn is getting ready to go to a meeting and is giving notes to his assistant, a man from the tech department tells, him that he will want to cancel his meeting because they figured out how to read the blank Rambaldi page, and that he needs to see it.  When he opens the envelope, he is stunned beyond belief.  He just stares at it, and is not happy; he finally looks up and tells his assistant to cancel his meeting.  Then he goes to meet with Sydney.  She is rushing into the storage unit, telling him that she came as fast as she could.  This is not a meeting that Vaughn is excited about, but he tells her that the vial that Cole was after in the vault at SD-6 was able to uncover what was hidden on page 47.  She can’t understand his hesitation, and asked what it is.  He tells her that he isn’t sure, and that they don’t know what it means, she tells him that he’s acting really freaky, so he tells her that he has the page if she wants to see it.  He gives it to her and she pulls it out and looks at it, her eyes grow wide and she isn’t able to comprehend what she is holding.  On the manuscript it has a picture of a woman that looks just like Sydney.  A prophet from 500 years ago drew a picture of Sydney.  Yeah, I would be a little freaked out as well.

  • Items that I found noteworthy… 
    • SD-6 is monitoring Will during his interviews with someone connected to SD-6.  Sloane wants Will eliminated.  Jack tells him that he will get Will to stop researching into SD-6.  Sloane tells Jack that there are some truths that Sydney must never learn about SD-6. 
    • Sloane asking Will what story he is currently working on while at dinner is incredibly creepy.

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  1. You missed out another noteworthy item, Vaughn checking out Sydney's prettiness under Jack's nose! 😀