Saturday, August 10, 2013

Page 47 – Or Post 47

I was getting ready to start on episode 20 of Season two and I realized that this would be my 47th post, and I thought I needed to recognize that fact.  Also I am off work and I thought I would get some extra sleep instead tonight.  Also I have come to accept that it is next to impossible to write a simple post about Sydney and Vaughn.  I thought once they were together it would be easier, but it's not.  I think the next easy episode to breakdown relationship wise won't be until the 4th season when they hardly see each other, and maybe in season five when Vaughn is away.

Anyway, the number 47 is constantly coming up during Alias.  Obviously I pay more attention to Sydney and Vaughn than any Rambaldi stuff, but I did think that I would post a few pictures that reference the number 47 and a few small comments.

The most obvious reference being episode titled Page 47, along with the picture that they uncovered with the Rambaldi liquid, but didn't see until the following episode. After it's first appearance it popped up everywhere and it seemed as if any true Rambaldi scholar throughout the series would recognize Sydney from this page.  

As far as episode 47, I will officially cover it soon with regards to the Sydney / Vaughn relationship.  But it is part of Season three when Sydney is back at the CIA after being dead for two years.  The episode is the first time we see Sydney, Vaughn, and Lauren all together for the first time and they have to go on a mission as a group to appeal for Sloane's help.  It is an episode that will be important for the relationship, but there wasn't much significance for page 47.  But we did have to endure through these awkward moments.
Also if you were paying attention in the episode Almost Thirty Years, the lab that holds the Mueller Device that Sydney and Vaughn go to destroy in Taipei that eventually infects Vaughn was kept in room 47. Another instance of the number 47 is in the episode Conscious, Sydney is trying to find what happened to her during the missing two years and she finds out that she was being held in room 47.
But to get a better look at the emphasis of the number 47, I found a link to a featurette that was on the bonus disc if you bought the Rambaldi Alias DVD set.  It is assorted cast and crew members talking about page 47.

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