Friday, August 2, 2013

My Favorite Episodes - In Season 2

Just to put it out there, I have been giddy about getting to this episode and the one after, I actually have a tie for my favorite Season 2 episode, and they are the next two.  Now I love the episodes where Sydney and Vaughn are in a relationship, but these two being the final two episodes leading up to them finally being together are my favorite.  Because if you haven’t figured it out by now, I really love the longing looks that they give each other.  By the way, you may also like to know that my favorite play is Romeo and Juliet.  There is something about forbidden love that makes me happy.  As another little tidbit, I’ve also been dreading writing this episode.  When I started this project, I thought that this would be an easy project, especially after writing up the first few episodes.  But as you can see, as I move futher along with the show, my posts have grown in size as well.  My husband thinks that I am writing a book, because he always comes in and sees me typing away.  Which by the way, when I write these out they begin on a word document and then I move them over on to the blog.  But all of the posts are sitting on the word document, and it has reached 105 pages, so I guess I am writing a book of sorts. But back to the topic at hand, I am hoping that once they are together I won’t feel compelled to write as much, as not everything will have an impact on them getting together.  But who knows, but I do know that the next two post will take more of my time than usual.  I will say it has been strange to go from being able to get 3-4 episodes out during a shift, to barely getting two.  Also some of these episodes are truly leaving me emotionally drained afterwards. (See The Counteragent )  Well now that you have been warned, I’m going to get going on The Getaway. 

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