Friday, August 16, 2013

An overview of my thoughts on Season Two; and a few other scattered thoughts….

If Season Two did not have Evil Francie it would be my favorite season, but sadly Evil Francie kinda ruined it for me. But it is my second favorite season, so I guess that means something. For me, season two really had everything that a season needs. It had the buildup to create a couple that have overcome obstacles and truly care for one another. It had the couple go through their own struggles once they were a couple. And then of course have to overcome anything beside the small things like we are both spies and your mom killed my dad, they now have a new obstacle to overcome.

Season two was a success; it was loved by the fans and by ABC who at the time had no problem with how the show was running even being serialized. I am going to miss seeing Bradley Cooper in the episodes, I think he easily could’ve been worked into Season three, but then again, with Season three being my favorite, even though I absolutely hate Lauren Reed, maybe Sydney needed to feel alone this season for everything to work out. The one thing that I will miss the most about Sydney and Vaughn from the first two seasons is their innocence, and their ability to fully trust one another without question. Is it fun to see them try and get that back, but it will never quite be the same for them.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions that are there at the end of Season Two, and not just what happened to Sydney during those two years. But most of them are addressed during Season three so I guess it’s time to move there.

I mentioned at the beginning of the Season Two finale that I was semi apprehensive about writing that episode because I knew it was going to leave me so emotionally drained, and to be honest, all of my favorite episode leave me that way. So knowing that the upcoming season has most of my all-time favorite episodes and moments, I know it will be a draining time for me emotionally.

Oddly enough I learned more about my own self while analyzing this season though. I am definitely in the wrong business. I thought that I would do this out of a need to have a creative outlet and be able to write since I have wanted to write something but didn’t know what. It has definitely fulfilled those needs, but it has also made me want to go back to a version of where I started when I was becoming an adult. When I graduated from High school I had a full ride scholarship in stage management, but I ended up with a lot of personal drama within the department and ended up finding my husband and marrying incredibly soon after meeting. So I ended up dropping out of college. Looking back, I know that I made the right choices for me at that time, but doing this and looking at Sydney and Vaughn as actual people and not just who we see on the screen has made me want to go back to school. Not in stage management, but in Media production. I don’t quite think that I have the imagination to be a writer. I know how to write and summarize, but coming up with my own ideas isn’t me. But following through on an idea and filling in those little details to make it just right is me. So somehow I will get there and work my way into being a producer, I just don’t know all the details yet. But I do know that I have to thank Sydney and Vaughn primarily as well as a few other people and projects that have helped me realize what I need to do. I guess I will see where the future takes me.

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