Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Bradley Cooper & Will Tippin

This is going to be a very short post, but I just realized that I missed Bradley Coopers birthday on Saturday.  I think that it's safe to assume that it was also Will Tippin's birthday Saturday as well.  Will was and is Sydney's best friend, and she misses him everyday, especially in season three when everything was so messed up for her.  For Vaughn, Will represented what he wanted for so long, Sydney. But once he had Sydney he thought of Will as a friend, and since Sydney would do anything for Will, Vaughn would too.  But you can't help but see the frustration and jealousy Vaughn had in Crossings when he found out that Sydney had slept with Will.  Looking toward the future episodes with where I am in the series it's sad to think that I only have one more Will Tippin episode.  He is probably the character I miss the most from seasons 1 & 2.
 So Happy Belated Birthday Bradley Cooper and Will Tippin!

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