Thursday, December 19, 2013

Life's Little Distractions...

I feel so bad that I haven’t been keeping up with this blog like I initially intended to when I started out with this project.  But then again I look back at my first few posts and compare them to my more recent posts, and I’m not sure if I have kept with the initial plan anyway with what I have been writing.  But then again, the Sydney and Vaughn relationship started out as something simple, but has evolved into something so much more.  I also have to believe that I have also evolved, I think for the better, but who really knows.  Back to my point, when I started this I thought that I could easily watch each episode and simply write about what helped, hurt, or furthered the relationship of the best TV couple ever.  But it hasn’t been that easy.  I found that I have to give back story and show how these other characters have played a part in shaping their relationship to what it eventually becomes.  So as the series goes on and the relationships and circumstances become more complicated, so has the ability to summarize it.  But I can still honestly say that I still enjoy Alias now, as much if not more than when I started this project.

I haven’t had the time to really sit down to go over the final episode of season 3 and really dig down deep into it.  A few reasons for that, one being as I said at the beginning of season 3, it is my favorite season and I think it will be hard to say to goodbye to analyzing the season that I find the most compelling, even if Sydney and Vaughn aren’t really a couple in this season.  The sexual tension is so fantastic in this season it’s sad to say goodbye to it.  Another reason is that I want to be able to do the episode the justice that it deserves, and with my many distractions I haven’t had the time.  So in an attempt to justify my procrastination I thought I would let have a peek into the life that I am currently trying to get through with some of my sanity still intact.    So have a peek and see what distractions have been holding me back from really writing as much as I would like.
  • The most boring and yet most logical reason for my lack of writing has been my work schedule.  I used to work graveyards and have a good 6-7 hours a night of just waiting for calls to drop in on my line.  It was in those hours of boredom that I found peace and exhilaration by starting this blog.  Now I work the swing shift and my work load has more than tripled, and I am lucky to have 1-2 hours throughout the night.
  •  As I have mentioned, but only in passing, I am a mom and my kids and husband occasionally need my undivided attention. In addition to normal things like homework, playdates, dates with my husband, my little household of five has five birthdays between Halloween and Christmas.  Luckily we have reached the point where we only have one left tomorrow, and then I will finally be able to focus on Christmas itself, which in itself is another challenge.
    My little family
  • Since my husband has been the stay at home dad and full time student for a few years, I have gotten used to having him around.  But he has now started working full time and going to school full time.  While having a second income has been fantastic, I have become overwhelmed with overlapping schedules and having to work from home, while kids are coming home and wanting some of that undivided attention. So while having him working again has made things a lot better, it has made some things a little more difficult. 
  • I had thought that I was finally going to get a good day to be able to write last week, when the night before my 11 year old daughter broke her arm, while trying to get her glasses back from her sister.  She stuck her arm through the ladder rungs of the bunk-bed, and then while trying to get the glasses went a little too far off of the bed and proceeded to fall off, unfortunately leaving her arm in the rungs.  She fell and her arm got stuck, so she broke both bones in the right arm, luckily no surgery was needed.  But it made for a long night in the ER, followed by a few days of attending to a little girl who can’t move without being in pain.
  • One of the more fun distractions that I have had was back at the beginning of October when I went out to LA with my mom, on a mission purely to do the Hollywood tourist stuff.  It was an amazing trip.  I love LA and wish that I could spend more time there.  I just need to work on convincing my husband that he likes big cities as much as I do.  But while we were there, we did the stars homes tour, unfortunately it didn’t cover any of my favorites.  We went to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel, took a tour of the Dolby Theater and I dragged my mom around to all the Alias locations that I wanted to get better pictures of. I know I mentioned doing a separate post for that trip, and I still plan on that, but until then here are some of the pictures.
    My mom was having a hard time on the pier, trying to walk on the boardwalk after knee surgery.  So I didn't get to look around and find Sydney and Vaughn's exact spot, so I will have to go back.  I thought that I had it, and I thought that I got it pretty close and my camera died.  I walked a little further to find my mom since she stopped and sat down.  I think she may have been sitting closer to where their spot was, but I couldn't get that picture...

    I know I went to Union Station during the last trip that I posted about, but I felt so rushed that trip that I had to go back.  This time I took my time, watched the clip from Almost Thirty Years to see exactly which bench set they sat on. Then took some pictures and sat on those seats.  Then walked the few yards to where they filmed the dance scene for Tuesday, sat down on the same bench and watched that scene before taking a few more pictures.  It was really nice.

    I was getting the funniest looks from people when I went to take a picture of the tunnel, but I had to get as close as I could, right?
  • I hate to say it, but I found a new show to obsess about.  While Alias still holds on to that number one spot, and I still love Psych, even if there hasn’t been much new Psych stuff to gush about.  I have found a new couple to love and adore almost as much as I love Sydney and Vaughn, but not quite.  The show is New Girl, and the couple is Nick and Jess.  As much as it pains me to say, I have to admit that in my list of best TV couple first kisses, in my mind, I think they may have Sydney and Vaughn beat.  Simply because of how much tension had been built up, but at the same time, how unexpected and incredibly sexy the kiss was.  So I have had to watch that series a couple of times to become closely acquainted to their characters as well.  Even though I don’t think that I will ever end up analyzing them like I do Sydney and Vaughn, they are still a very fun couple to watch evolve.  It will be interesting to see where they end up going.  But take a look at their first kiss and the moments leading up to it and tell me that it isn't a damn good kiss. 
  • I also took another very quick trip to LA again, but this was so incredibly quick that it barely registered that I was in LA.  I took one of my good friends and my parents to see a taping of Jay Leno.  When I saw who the guests for the night were going to be, I was sorely disappointed, but was happy to leave upon arriving that in addition to Matt Lauer and Carrot Top, who didn’t thrill me, Betty White would be there as well.

  •  Now with all of this other stuff going on I still had to get my daily Alias fix.  I felt as though since writing this I have been spending more and more time on each episode and I was beginning to question myself with what happened, having to go back and review what I had written or search other websites for the exact details I was looking for.  And that actually made me a little sad. Which I do realize is a little sad in and of itself.  But I decided that maybe it was time to go back and re-watch the show without having to analyze everything, but just take it all in and feel good about the show that has in many ways changed my life.  So although it may seem weird, I’ve been distracted by watching Alias again.
    I've just reached the middle of Season 2 after Sydney and Vaughn are finally together. :)
  •  In addition to re-watching the series, I have found a new friend, eBay, we have a love hate relationship.  I originally went on the site to find myself my own Rambaldi Box set of DVD’s.  I needed to see those special features that were only included in the Rambaldi Box.  I will say they are wonderful, but I think I need to leave that for a whole new post, (the things I learned from the Rambaldi Box).  But since then I have found books that held essays by film professors and other type of professionals that dove deep into subjects within Alias.  I have skimmed through most, reading the essay’s that appealed to me the most.  I also found trading cards which have been my latest addiction that makes my husband wonder what has happened to my wife.  But the weirdest thing is that with how much I rant about not being interested in fan-fiction, I have now purchased all of the Alias books.  The Prequel’s as well as the APO series.  I love the books because they make for the best light reading.  I can finish 0-5 of the books in one day depending on the book and my schedule.  Although I really wish that the different authors would’ve read each other’s books, since they are supposed to go in an order.  But I think that before I go into these too much I better just save it for another post.
    Some of my growing collection
So that is my life at its current stage.  Hopefully I can do my Christmas shopping on Wednesday, then maybe over the week I can work on the final episode of Season 3, and see the last of Lauren.  The only downside to the end of the season is we start season four.  Don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite scenes in the series are from season four.  But since season four started shooting almost immediately after the real life break up of Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner, you can see that while they tried their best, they don’t seem to have the same chemistry that they have in season three and prior.  But I guess we will see what will happen when I am watching more in depth and looking for what made them the best TV couple ever.  



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