Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sydney and Vaughn’s Anniversary – October 1st, 2001

I know that I said that the next post would be about Vaughn and why he was in such denial about Lauren being the mole, but I haven’t quite finished that and I am on vacation currently and realized that today was the anniversary of when Sydney and Vaughn met, so I felt like we needed to pay tribute to that.   So this will be very short, since I am completely beat and ready for bed. 

October 1st, 2001 Sydney Bristow walked into the CIA offices in Los Angeles and asked to speak to Director Devlin.  After being told he was unavailable Sydney told the receptionist to let him know that he had a walk in.  With that statement, Sydney was escorted into the back offices.  The next time we see her is after we watch an agent walk through the offices with some food and a cup of coffee, and he brings it to Sydney who is furiously writing about SD-6 and all she knows on a yellow tablet.  That agent was agent Vaughn.    We later see Sydney in Vaughn’s office and he tells her multiple times that he has an instinct about her.

That instinct was a personal one, and we had to wait until almost the middle of season two to find out what it was, as well as the date that they met.  But Vaughn’s father gave him a watch before he was murdered and told Vaughn that he could set his heart by that watch.  That watch worked perfectly until October 1st, the day that he met Sydney.  His watch is the reason that he had an instinct about her and was so ready to believe in her, protect her, and even fight for her. 

Vaughn never had the watch fixed, not even after Sydney’s apparent death.   Only telling Lauren his new wife that the watch had belonged to his father, not telling her about the connection it holds with Sydney. So when Lauren had the watch fixed, Vaughn then realized, more then, than any other time that year, that Lauren was not the right woman for him.  Sydney would always be the only person for him.

So with that brief summary, Happy Anniversary to Sydney and Vaughn!

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