Friday, September 6, 2013

The Missing Two Years & How They Affected Sydney and Vaughn

For some reason as I become more and more immersed with the Alias world, the missing two years have been a subject of interest for me.  While the episode Full Disclosure was able to answer a lot of the questions, the more I thought about it, the more questions came up for me.  There are a lot of speculations that I can make based off of what we know about these characters and what clues have been given in episodes.  I would love to see more about those two years, but looking through the web, all I can find is fan fiction, and while it does have its place, I am not a fan of fan fiction in general.  I find that a lot of what I have seen doesn’t stay true to the characters, or what has already been established.  Which is why I do try to stay away from too much speculation; although as you’ve seen it does happen, especially concerning the missing years.  I have to hope that the speculations that I have provided has stayed true to the essential base of who these characters are and what motivates them.  - The pictures posted are just some that I like that represent this time in the relationship.  No particular reason for each one or it's placement. :)
Back to the point, those two years that we didn’t see, really had an impact on Sydney and Vaughn.  Not only on their relationship, but as individuals, they will be forever changed.  I believe that even though Kendall told Sydney what happened, he can’t tell her about every day, and I’m sure that he doesn’t know about some of the things that happened to her.  So for her she will always fell a little empty, not knowing what really happened, and what choices she made.  For Vaughn, those two years were not happy, especially after he learns of Laurens true motivations.  In a future episode he even tells Sydney that he wishes that he could erase the last three years.  He will have feelings of regret, sadness, and eventual resentment towards Lauren and the Covenant.  He tells Lauren in the Season finale that she used him; she used his grief, his work, and who he was, and that he is taking it back.  But in reality, he’ll never be able to fully get it back from her.  I’ll go into more detail in the episode, but we see in a deleted scene that she even went as far as to use him in the same ways we saw Allison using Will.  But he is also conflicted in the same way jack is towards Irina.  Vaughn really did love Lauren at one point, and he tries to cope with the conflicting feelings of love and hatred towards the same person.  Once we reach season four, I will go into more detail about how they recover and how the two years and the year that followed altered them and their relationship.
I know that the show revolves around Sydney, so I don’t believe that it would’ve ever been done, or will be done in the future, but when people speak of an Alias movie, I want there to be two separate movies.  One that would focus completely on those two years, where we see more of what Sydney did once she wasn’t being brainwashed, I did see enough of that part, but also focus on Jack’s investigation and Vaughn going through the motions, with how Lauren made him fall for her and make him move on.  The second movie would be seeing how Isabelle and Jack turn out with Sydney and Vaughn as their parents.  Last night as I watched Full Disclosure and saw how Project Christmas essentially saved Sydney, even though she resented it at the time, I have to wonder if she will protect her own children in a similar way. Thinking about it now, I think I could maybe handle that type of fan fiction, if it was done correctly, having a story about the happily ever after that they share now. 

One of the reasons that I did want to do a separate post at this time, was because I thought that this would be a good time to show you a few of the YouTube video’s that I have labeled as my favorites because they do justice to Sydney and Vaughn’s characters and their motivations regarding the missing time. I first have to say that if a YouTube video can make me cry it has earned my respect. If it can make me cry on multiple occasions, than I start showing it off to everyone that I can.  I am just learning the art of putting together a YouTube video, and being able to capture attention, show a good representation of the characters and have the viewer have an emotional response is amazing to me still, and I envy these YouTube video makers. 

The first video is my favorite, I wish they had edited out the music from the episode and only had Vaughn’s words, but I still love the video, even with its imperfections that are there from my perspective.  I hadn’t heard the song before, but once I had wiped my tears enough to go on to iTunes to purchase it I did.  It shows the two years from Vaughn’s perspective.  They used clips from other seasons and really captured what I believe to be a good representative of Vaughn’s actions.  Watch it yourself; hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.  

More Than a Memory
When looking for a favorite from Sydney’s perspective, I had a really hard time choosing, so I have to post my top three.  They are all different, but they all show the desperation and heartbreak that she had to deal with in season three.  Still loving Vaughn and trying to accept the fact that she can’t be with him.  But each one shows different aspects of those feelings.  Once again they told a story and stayed consistent with Sydney’s motivations.  So hopefully you can choose a favorite, even though I can’t. 
I Can't Break it to my Heart

Starts with Goodbye

Who Will be There to Take my Place

Now there are other video’s that deal with the missing two years that I have enjoyed as well.  So below I have posted a link to my YouTube channel playlist that has all my favorite videos that go over the missing two years or the effects of the missing years. 

I know this post went off into a few different directions, but as I get further along in the series, I really do see things differently and I love how it is making me re-evaluate some of my own perspectives.  I look back at what I wrote when I began this project and I think I am keeping with the initial spirit of the project, and this is still all about Sydney and Vaughn being the perfect couple.  But I think that there is so much more than I had originally anticipated.
I know I posted this at the beginning of the season, but now that we have seen more of what happened, I thought that posting it again would be a good idea.


  1. Gosh, I do love how incredibly good his acting was on Alias. Every subtle gesture whether it be a touch, a soft smile, a longing look sends warmth to my heart. There is a vulnerability of kindness and caring that he possesses that no other actor on T.V. nowadays can match.

  2. I swear I've watched the series in it's entirety More times than any one ever should, but I never tire from it. Also every time I watch it I seem to find new things that I didn't notice before. Also I have met him twice and both times he was absolutely amazing. He was incredibly sweet, kind, and drop dead sexy. I am so happy that he is getting more and more work, that way I can watch him in other projects as well.